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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : The number of Internet users still increases in 2018

The number of Internet users still increases in 2018


3.2 billion Internet users on the social networks

There are 4 billions using Internet in the world (with an increase of 7% per year) and 3.2 billions of people possess a profile on the social networks (réseaux sociaux).There has already been 13% more than that in 2017. A figure was justified in particular by the increase of the older users.

In fact, the number of Internet users of more than 65 years, Facebook for example, was seen evolving 20%  in over past twelve months!

We also have more than 5 billion Internet users (90 %), at the world level, connecting in the various platforms via mobiles. Although it isn’t a surprise any more for anybody, the number of smartphones does not stop increasing, and it is mainly true thanks to the reduction of their cost and the fixed price of data.

But the evolution does not stop there, because our average time spent on Web has been increased, too. According to the study of Hootsuite and We Are Social, we spend 6 hours a day to use our favorite connected objects. Either in our spare time, or out of the sleeping time.

The connected French Internet users

In 2017, France had more than 500,000 new French Internet users. Concerning social networks, there were more than 60% connected every month on one of them, totalling 38 millions. There are two millions more than  it was in previous year!

Finally, these Internet users, who use Web in daily life in 91 % of the cases, spend more than one hour a day on the social networks for a total of 4h48 on the canvas.

Concerning the social networks, it seemed that an increasing use of the various platforms is noticed in France. YouTube takes place at the top of list with 69% of users. After it, the network of Mark Zuckerberg and 65% of users. Finally, we find Messenger Facebook (41%), Instagram (26 %) and Twitter in the lowest position with 24% of Internet users.

Smartphone VS computer

Contrary to all expectations, the computer remains at the top in France and becomes the favorite medium of French people. Although it is used in 59% of the cases, it is decreasing to 14%, in the face of the mobiles’ increase of 49 %.

Furthermore, 3G and 4G, representing 83% of the connections today, allows more than 48 million French people (75% of the population) to have and use a smartphone.

On the other hand, without a great surprise it is necessary to admit it, we notice that the main use in daily life is none other than taking photos (51 %).

Although computers are more used to do a simple search on the Web, smartphones are at the top of list for certain uses: the Internet users prefer mobiles to computers on the social networks (40% vs 29%), to play on-line (13% vs 12%), in particular via previously downloaded applications, and finally watch videos (32% vs 27%).

Article written by Clélia Ripoll

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