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My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends

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Is the chat necessarily synonymic of success on the Internet? It is typically the kind of question that channel YouTube "The statistics explained to m [...]
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You have probably already found yourselves in this kind of situation one day. You are in front of your computer. You have made a bargain on an on-lin [...]
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Such a Web we knew will not soon exist any more. Such is the prediction of scarecrows. If yes, this evolution would be disturbing. What is it like? Th [...]
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Progress is to achieve the relations between French NGO and the Internet users on the social networks (réseaux sociaux). It is what emerges from the l [...]
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Google Adwords is an advertising agency launched in 2000, by Google. It allows you to advertise on its sites, those of research partners and the partn [...]
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