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My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends

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If the Instagram application (available on mobile and at the office) is especially known for people’s use, it became the hunting ground of companies, [...]
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For that reason, Google has already decided here for some years, to favor Web sites considered as "Mobile Friendly". A label was even created, which w [...]
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The reign of robots is not for at once Being seen under this angle, the world seems to be bad. Very bad. We would imagine in one of these movies wher [...]
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There will be no need for crystal ball to know about what Web of tomorrow. It is just enough to see that of today and draw the logical conclusions fro [...]
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Here are thus the golden rules for the creation of a viral contents. "An image is worth one thousand words" – Confucius If this precious Confucius h [...]
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