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My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends My Jalis - Digital magazine about trends

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Since the obtaining of European Capital of the Culture status in 2013, Marseille city did not stop multiplying the programs and cultural events. Havin [...]
Panda is a filter algorithmics of Google introduced for the first time in February, 2011 on It aims at penalizing the poor quality sites t [...]
Leader ship
A technical director of Jalis, a central function with a look at all the disciplines of agence web. If you would like to know more about the functioni [...]
Leader ship
SI, an activity, a term which can seem dark for a lot of people. What is  S.I? IT service? Computer system? No, it is simply information systems and A [...]
But has Google Panda already penalized? Short call for those who do not follow the current events of the referencing (référencement) or those who do [...]
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