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Video service on demand: Amazon is great


Would you like the return of the Belgian comedian Jean-Claude Van Damme in a role full of self-mockery in the series "Jean Claude Van Johnson"? Know that it will not advance beyond the realm of the unique season. In fact, the series has just been cancelled just one month after its release. It is not the only one. "I love Dick" by Jill Soloway and Kevin Bacon will also content in only one season. From  is part, "One Mississipi" will have been entitled in two seasons before being eliminated. If the show created by Tig Notaro and Diablo Cody knew a critical success, it was not saved by the change of orientation impulsed by the giant of Seattle for its video division. Without taking into account the scandals of sexual harassment involved in one of the producers of the series, Louis C. K., did not certainly play in favour of the latter’s preservation .

Bigger and louder

But what is this change of orientation exactly? It is simple: turn to the greater audience’s contents. In other words, Amazon would like "Game of Thrones". It is a major change for Amazon Prime to be more known for its "independent" productions appreciated of the criticism and outdone as "Transparent", losing momentum besides the charges of sexual assault which weigh against the main actor Jeffrey Tambor.

 It should be called back that these three series are not the only ones to have fallen on the altar of the popularity: "Z: The beginning of everything" and "The last Tycoon" preceded them.

The problem is that this degreasing of all azimuth should not be compensated immediately. In fact, the department of Amazon video has been full of restructuration for several months. First of all, Roy Price had to leave his further functions following sexual harassment. He has been replaced by Albert Cheng, the former executive of ABC. Sharon Tal Yguado, who comes from Fox, is now in charge of the fiction series in Amazon Studio.

Besides, the CEO, JEFF BEZOS invested personally into the negotiations to acquire new licenses. By the end of the year 2017, he got his hand on a "precious" treasure of war: the adaptation right of the Lord of Rings. The operation would have cost 200-250 million dollars, without counting the coming production costs. There is no doubt that Seattle firm has finally obtained "Game of Thrones".

But that's not all. Amazon currently has twelve projects at various levels of development with the production company Skybound Entertainment and the creator Robert Kirkman, initially from others of "The Walking Dead".

The shock of Titans

Now Amazon will have to rely on the competition of a future heavyweight in the video market on demand. The end of the year 2017 has been marked by the repurchase of the 21st Century Fox group by Walt Disney Company for the moderate sum of 52 billion dollars with more 14 billion debts. Yet, Disney will soon launch its own service of streaming: then the company would have a colossal catalog among which Avatar, X-Men, Alien, Independence Day are quoted the most known. Furthermore, by this repurchase activity, Disney has hand-made bass on Hulu, the streaming platform only available on the United States, known among others for the subsidized series The Handmaid's Tale.

Finally, it is not impossible that another giant of the digital technology in the dance: Apple. With the repatriation of its liquid assets abroad consecutive to the fiscal reform of the administration Trump, the financial analysts of Citi, a financial company established in New York, consider likely the repurchase of the VOD Netflix’s number one (numéro un de la VOD Netflix) by the company managed by Tim Cook.

The war of the streaming has just begun.

Article written by Thierry Randretsa

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