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Flixable: navigate quietly Netflix


Netflix is, for many followers, the best invention even innovation of this 21st century. And it does not plan to stop there. By having collected more than 8 million subscribers at the end of 2017, it records a total of 117.6 million hooked in the contents. Even the parents are touched (les parents en sont mordus)!

In spite of this new hallucinating list, it seemed that the platform of streaming would meet all the same as a small snag. Although the various programs posted on your homepage Netflix are beforehand chosen by the American company according to your previous viewings, all the subscribers remain sceptical as for this a little vague display. And to solve this problem (minor), there is...Flixable!

Flixable is a new Web site, even a search engine, which facilitates your navigation in the vast catalog offered by Netflix. Working only with the American and the British versions, it allows you to simplify your search by selecting beforehand the expected contents: either movies and series, or documentary. Once the category was defined, you have to select a kind among those offered as well as the expected classification. Finally, opt for a very precise release date so that Flixable gives you some very recent contents or on the contrary, dating the 90s.

The free site, created by the Finnish programmer  Salminen city, presents a data sheet for each contents, with all the necessary information and a link dismissing directly on Netflix. Furthermore, it keeps a complete newspaper of movies, series and documentaries which were added or deleted by the service. Also special mention for the menu "Originals" which includes all the contents Made in Netflix.

With Flixable, more need to learn by heart the repots’ names which interest you not to forget them: you will find them more easily by using this search engine. Browsing and finding unpublished contents on Netflix will never have been so simple.

Article written by Clélia Ripoll

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