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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : The best apps and the sites to print your photo of the New Year

The best apps and the sites to print your photo of the New Year

And if we return Polaroid format?


Myjalis offers you a small selection of four free applications presented on Android and Apple, which allow you to import your photos via Facebook, Instagram and Google+. And that’s great, Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner. It would be stupid not to immortalize the most annoying moments of your New Year party. With each of these platforms, you can reframe your photos by changing the frame’s color and add filters and text. And for all the people who have no smart phone (yes there are some), we found a site which offers the same services. Price, quality and delivery, read all about them!


It is the favorite application of the writing', so its quality is exceptional. The app offers a basis of 20 photos for only 8€ and every added element costs the bargain rate of 0.40€! Polaroid drawings (called Retro at their home) are printed on a high-quality paper, at 8x10cm size. Argentique Fujifilm is also thicker and more brilliant, which guarantees a clearly upper depiction. You will thus receive your pictures at home during only 3 days (the only one for express deliveries) for 2€.

The +: to have no unpleasant surprise during the reception of your small envelope, Cheerz informs you if one of your images is too much pixilated.


Created in 2012, the application, formerly known under the name of Polagram, does not offer minimum drawing. The maximum number, on the other hand, is 36 photos for a 0.39€ per unit. The platform has chosen to use a Fujifilm Archive Suprême paper with a glossy finish. So your pictures will be printed at 10x12cm size, clearly bigger than that of the basic Polaroid. For the delivery, it is carried out for 3 days at a rate of 1.99€.

The+: besides the import via the mentioned social networks with high quality, Lalalab also allows you to attach your photos via Dropbox.


Having been present on the market of the images’ impression via mobile apps since 2013, Printic application puts forward a base of 10 photos at 8x10cm size, the whole rate of 3.90€. For each of your additional picture, it will be asked to add 0.39€ to immortalize a slightly more than that of Fujildor Crystal Suprême paper. Finally, you will have to wait for only 3-5 days to remember the key moment captured. And with the valuable patience, the delivery of each drawing will be 1.50€.

The +: you can also send your images via Dropbox and Flickr. Furthermore, with the modifications, you have the possibility of moving the text which you would like to put on your photo.


Real precursor in this universe, Photobox application does not force you with the minimum number of photos. Therefore, you can obtain a maximum of 261 pictures at the rate of 0.39€ per unit. Soho Century paper is printed at 8.8x10.5cm size with a fully white back side. With a small peculiarity that is peculiar to this platform, which allows you to write some notes. You will not have more than to wait for 1-4 days (1.99€ for the delivery) to be able to begin your new photo album.

The +: the import via Dropbox is possible.


On the market since the 2000, the Web site is one of the first to offer a wide choice of impressions of online photos. Therefore, Photoweb gives to all the Internet users, a 9.95€ offer for a collection of 12 photos in 9x10cm format. For each additional picture, it will be necessary for you to add 0.39€. Like the real Polaroid photos, the site has chosen to take pictures at some Argentic paper textured with selective varnish and a matt black back side. Finally, it will be necessary for you to wait for 1-3 days to admire your most beautiful moments (2.99€ for the delivery).

The +: the web site is the only one to allow you to use a different layout that is, a mosaic of several images on the same support. It is also the only one to give you the possibility of adding a filter for the bottom of your Polaroid. Finally, PhotoWeb sends you your pictures to a box with three possible designs.

The -: PhotoWeb is not an application but a Web site and does not allow you to import your photos via your social networks.

Now you know all the important points of an application photo, the writing' lets you face the one who corresponds to you most. Does Polaroid have a rather large format or usual size? Are the images rather mosaic or a picture per unit? Filters, are writings and colored frames or simply Polaroid traditional?

We give you a choice! And if you return the paper format?

Article written by Clélia Ripoll

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