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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : 4 sites to create a common pot for the day of the year

4 sites to create a common pot for the day of the year

Which online jackpot to choose?


By the end of the year 2017, it’s up to you to organize everything for the party of the New Year's Day. But for the meal preparations and courses, you will not certainly have time to run around to get money from your dinner guests’ participation. This is the reason why the use of an online jackpot is going to solve all your problems and save you the crazy time!

To be easily able to raise money is very simple: you create your jackpot by personalizing and choosing the theme (anniversary, marriage, departure etc.), you invite your friends (via the social networks or by e-mail) so that they can participate (it is the same purpose) and finally, you use the money. You can also make it on these sites:

1) The common pot

Undoubtedly, as the most well-known on the Web, this site of on-line jackpot gets more than 5 millions of "putters" today, as we call them. These "putters" can participate in both private and public jackpot. In fact, numerous "solidarity pots" are offered on the site, to probably have a bigger visibility and receive more money.

On Le pot commun, three possibilities are offered to you:


  •          or you decide to use the money by going shopping on their partner sites


  •          or you decide to transfer the jackpot to the person who celebrates their anniversary


  •          or you decide to get back the money by asking for a bank transfer of your account

Know that only the bank transfer request will be fixed the rate of 3.5 % on the collected amount.

2) Leetchi

On Leetchi, the use and the way of proceeding are the same: you create, invite and offer to the lucky young people. Launched in 2009, the company also suggests participating in "solidarity jackpots". In fact, many organizations, associations or young start-ups create public common pots on the Internet to probably get some money more easily and have a little bit of help to soar, exactly as the sites of crowd-funding.

Even the site assures to add a macaroon stipulating the check of the solidarity jackpots, the attention on the swindles which can be present. Do not hesitate to look at if the creator of the jackpot possesses the accounts on the social networks, if the association was already mentioned in the press or even if the organizer answers messages in comments.

Finally, to use the collected money, you can, just like precede the site:


  •          or buying a present on the partner sites of Leetchi



  •          or offering the jackpot to the lucky


  •          or requesting a transfer


For this final possibility, expenses will be 4% for the collections lower than 2,000€ and 2.9% for those superior at the same amount.

3) Colleo

Established in 2013, Colleo is an another site of on-line collection. For an anniversary, a marriage or the organization of your New Year's Day, it is the site which can help you. In fact, in addition to accompanying you in your collection, Colleo offers you, when your jackpot is ended, to repay a small party of the participations collected to a solidarity project which has already existed on the site. And if, besides using a way to facilitate your life, would you try to facilitate life to another person in need?

Concerning the expenses, Colleo pays by taking 2% of commission on your collection. And in order that all the jackpots participate a minimum in the solidarity projects, 0.50€ will be used to be repaid to an association of your choice. Of course, you can increase this amount.

4) Cagnotte me

To finish this selection, MyJalis also offers you Cagnotte Me to organize best your New Year's Day. On this site, the created common parties are only private. Thus you cannot participate in solidarity jackpots.

As the previous ones, you can either spend (free of charge) the jackpots collected with partners, or decide to transfer money in your bank account. In this latest case,  you will be charge 1.9% of commission.

Now you know everything about these revolutionary ways which are going to change your life, you have to choose the site which suits you best to have a good jackpot to organize your New Year's Day! All the writing of MyJalis wishes you a good year-ending, and see you next year!

Article written by Clélia Ripoll

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