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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : Stranger Things: an experience in virtual reality

Stranger Things: an experience in virtual reality


It is not the most "devoured" show on Netflix this year. The funny documentary series American Vandal seems to have got better of him. It is not the most "savored". The title mentions The Crown, the biopic of the UK’s Queen, Elizabeth II. But Stranger Things is the most thrilling series to the French (and the Americans) this year. Allusion: We look at her in a family.

Netflix in the summit

"Devoured", "savored", "the most thrilling". For the first retrospective, Netflix decided not to make completely as others with an unusual display of its various classifications. Beyond the anecdote, Netflix calls back the domination in the market of the video on demand with this vertiginous figure: 140 millions. It is the number of hours per day spent by the subscribers to look at the contents. For one week, we almost reach a billion.

There is no doubt that the season 2 of Matt and Ross Duffer series has contributed to this success. According to Nielsen group, each episode knew on average of 8.8 million television-viewers during three days of broadcasting the show in the unique United States. The first episode gathered 15.8 million viewers at the same period. 361,000 subscribers have “bing watché” (or "devoured") the whole season 2 in this period of time.

A new season is thus inevitable. In fact, the idea was acquired before the distribution of the second. Only snag: we have just heard from the actor David Harbour who embodies the sheriff Jim Hopper who will not go out before … 2019!

Thus you can see again the first two seasons, discuss explanatory theories in the forums, find the numerous references which strew the show … You can also try the experience in virtual reality.

Even stranger things in VR

Available for more than a year on Netflix, Stranger Things application in virtual reality (réalité virtuelle) went out on December 12th on the PSVR. After the famous generic medicine of the show in the 80s introduced by the synthetic tablecloths of Survive recognizable among all them, we directly get to the heart of the subject. Return to season 1: we embody Joyce Byers (interpreted in the series by Winona Ryder), a mother in search of her son Will suddenly disappeared. Hidden in a parallel world (Upside Down), he tries to keep in touch with her mother by manipulating electric bulbs which he can activate at a distance.

The fans of the show will have the pleasure to find a faithful reconstruction of the Byers’ house in spite of a slightly fuzzy picture. The displacements are limited but the VR gives this dumping feeling which creates the impression of being there. With your torch, you can scrutinize the smallest nook of the house. This, inadvertently, elements of the decoration have changed. Then, the fateful moment comes when the telephone rings ... We won’t tell it any more!

Moreover, there is nothing to write so much since the experience is short (two minutes at least). Disappointment is all the great as the experience obtained and the universe of Strangers Things seems to be used in the VR play. In the same style, we could quote the incredible filter in increasing reality called "Portal World Lens" taken out in Snapchat last October. This actually gave the impression of entering "physically" in a parallel dimension.

And we begin to dream about a whole play, even a complete season exploiting these technologies.

Article written by Thierry Randretsa

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