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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : Justine [Just for you]: points in pixels

Justine [Just for you]: points in pixels

Interview of a young creator from Marseille


Why is this name, Just for you?

To resume the diminutive of my first name, Justine, and create a close link with my clientele. My little hands imagine and shape for you. I try to get anybody and  identity in the things that I have created. It is the DNA of my mark: be the closest to the personalization, listen to the desires. I like adapting myself to people, situations and various environments. I offer standard products (dress handkerchiefs, tote bags, T-shirts, pads), basic models, and  potentially everything is possible.


Marseille! I had a real crush for this city in 2014, when I came to settle down for the studies there. The urban side, street, graffiti, mixed with buildings impressive and grand as the Good Mother, it is very inspiring. Moreover, on Instagram, the hashtag #madeinmarseille is not inevitably used to sell. Many people use it to claim their membership in Marseille. It is a very loved city. Personally, I declare my creations made in France to put forward the crafts, the hand-made, even made in Marseille to emphasize the local side. It is a very attractive and convenient territory to the entrepreneurship.

Otherwise, when I don't know what to do and when I need to get fresh ideas, I am going to have a walk in streets, Ju Courts, in particular, I observe people, I listen to their discussions.

The tendencies and the handcrafts are also the real source of inspiration. For example, I play with les emojis, over-consumed by the young, and I am going to adapt them point by point to my creation methods as the embroidery or the linocut. I like making the attractive handcrafts.

The small crafts and made in France seduce more and more. In your opinion, for what  reasons ?

The quality and the closeness. Buying handicrafts, is buying a hand-made piece by the person whom we could meet in the street. It brings a certain value to the item, compared with the one which is mass-produced in a factory. And then you know that all the money (or almost) make it known.

What pleases you most in the entrepreneurship?

Being free to create what I want, when I want. When I was a child, I would like to become a stylist. But it is a highly competitive, and it is not my state of mind. I avoid the pressure, which keeps me from what grows me up and overwhelms me.

My brand is not my main activity - I turned to the web-design after holding a high school diploma in decorative arts, a BTS design then a web-design license-, I work in a Web company (une agence web) as a graphic/ integrative  designer. For the moment, Just for you is only the pleasure, I do not take it very seriously. Being a entrepreneur in my spare time allows me to have liberties. If I do not sell, it doesn't matter. And if I want to have a break, I am not afraid of stopping to start again six months later. On the contrary, it allows me to offer all my attention to my customers: I look after parcel, the after-sales service, etc. After all, it is also what we look for in the made in premises.

On the contrary, what is the most difficult in the entrepreneurship?

Be sure of all the fronts: create and promote, canvass, be present in the social networks or even work with doggedness for months on a collection, the communication and production of a stock, with a viewpoint of an event (exhibition party, craft market). It is not always very time-consuming and obvious to surround with good people, reliable and professional.

Launching, also, is not easy. At first, I was very afraid of being exposed to the criticisms, which my creations do not please and that never takes off. I compared a lot with others. But it was a blessing in disguise since today I am not afraid of other opinions any more, nor return my public work. Even if it does not please, I know that it has some value. I have more confidence, and offer what I'm doing.

As to the social networks exactly, have you really been there on Instagram, what brings your activity?

With Instagram, we can put forward its creations differently. This social network is an excellent manner to promote the handicrafts. The before and after, the whys and wherefores: the wings of a preparation interest the public a lot. Once, I have posted my short video exaggerating in the hand (a long and slow task), in a real speed. Sharing this dimension of my work has pleased a lot.

Instagram is an effective lever to stand out, canvass, go to get an audience in particular, or the attention of the young influencers susceptible to make a realization. Personally, I do not aim at the big Web names. Since they often expect to receive creations free of charge and it is difficult to get them, even the "young" local influencers (15,000 subscribers for example) are going to be eager to promote somebody of the corner who makes handicrafts. Their community is solid and they allow you to reach a more precise target, touch a niche. Unmediterraneen_by.laura and lelabbyestelle is a part of instagramers which helped me to obtain a little more visibility and improve my communication on the Internet.

On the other hand, it is necessary to know that it is hard to take place on Instagram, learn to show its products and not to arouse only simple likes. It is necessary to unite the real community around the universe.

Projects to come?

I would like to recreate a collaboration with my friend Lucile (ZUL), with whom I have already produced two collections. Our first ones tote bags in screen-printing were a beautiful adventure. I haven’t intended to realize only the creations. I like being inspired by others, to work in team. Thus, in the future, I would like to multiply collaborations to continue involving my universe to that of other artists.

Find all the creations of Justine on her web site (son site internet)  and its account Instagram (son compte Instagram.)

Article written by Pauline Carpentier

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