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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : Did the trendy in the oversight: become Web ex-stars sites?

Did the trendy in the oversight: become Web ex-stars sites?


20 years later, there are only passage tracks of these sites "stars" on our bottom-debit connections. How did these giants disappear from our Internet history? Did they really disappear?


Having appeared in 1997 and proposed initially a Web messaging, Caramail quickly becomes rich of services as a magazine, forums, then legendary cat. Introducing real places of virtual meetings, this platform really democratized the instant message and grouped in France, where IRC remained confidential and too exclusive AOL.

The teenagers and the young adults were exchanged their ASV (Age, Sex and City), banged their first ones "lol" and imagined their most beautiful smiles with text, well before  les emojis.

Being acquired successively by Spray Network then Lycos Europe, Caramail will never succeed in reinventing, and obtain experience on United Internet which will integrate into the mark GMX in 2009. The German firm refocuses on the site activities of puppy lovers, namely Webmail.

Today, it is possible to create an e-mail address, a great tribute in this symbol, the advent of the first French digital generation.


If you are asked which pet you associate with Lycos, there is a great chance since the dog is your first answer. Nevertheless, it is a spider, the lycosidae, which gets the name of the search engine and the Internet portal.

Originally, Lycos is a university project. This project is transformed from 1994 into mark exploited by diverse companies. The latter are divided into the national or continental markets, such as Lycos Europe in France.

Surfing on the Internet bubble, the portal quickly becomes rich of new services: the creation of Web pages, the site of meeting, etc. Then as many other actors of Web, it will gradually give place to the new giants that will become Yahoo and Google.

More than its features, ergonomics or the quality of its services, there remains an excellent marketing mark. The evidence is the mythical “ We look for Lycos!", which today we are still tempted to shout by initiating research on


Is it possible to have more than 200 million friends? It is the virtual exploitation which has realized Tom Anderson in the early 2000s with Myspace, the cult musical social network. This site allowed its users to share their profile of musical tastes, a part of their life, especially to enter a relationship between some people and others. And whoever we are, Tom was our first friend recorded by default.

With ease of use, big possibilities of customization, this network had everything to please with incredible development from its creation in 2003 to the repurchase by New Corp group in 2005. At that time, we found all our favorite music groups and a lot of information on their subject: concert dates, the latest sounds, influences …

Myspace also played an important role in the distribution of musical movements, particularly niches. With it, this is easy to find an improbable group of émo hardcore of the Alabama’s depths, which turned in a loop the same groups pets of the musical industry in the traditional media. Other artists, more mainstream, are also deeply indebted to it, such as Lilly Allen or even Arctic Monkeys.

But it didn’t take into account the development of Facebook. Little by little, Myspace followers are going to abandon its social functions and replace Tom by Mark. In 2011, the company is on sale. It will be hopelessly refocused on the music in 2013 and continue the platform of distribution of audio and video contents, but finding the audience of former days.

Article written by Anthony Rodriguez

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