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Lifestyle magazine and events in Marseille : 5 objects connected for pets

5 objects connected for pets

Gadgets connected for dogs and cats


Pawbo +, the interactive camera for pets

Every morning, when you go through your door to go to work, it is always a tear to leave your pet alone at house. This heartbreak feeling is thought by the Acer mark, which has brought Pawbo +, a security camera connected for your pet. Therefore, at work, you can connect since with  this application, your smartphone is able to observe at a distance the actions of your loved companion. Thanks to the microphone and the laser integrated, you can even talk to it, reassure and play with it. Is it true? This object is even useful for the feeder .

Price: 169€

Voyce, the connected necklace

If you are fond of connected objects, like bracelets, and the happy owner of lovely pet, you are unable to resist the connected necklace Voyce (collier connecté Voyce). The i4C Innovations Canadian company designed this model  with the help of veterinarians and behavioral canines. It allows to control the heart and respiratory rhythm, as well as the number of calories burned thanks to the level of activity reached, without forgetting the duration of the rest time. Being compatible with all your digital supports, you can follow the well-being of your pet on your smart phone, for example, be alerted by any decline of physical well-being.

 Finally, by informing the race and the age of your faithful companion, you can receive some advice and articles on the  subject and get answers to all your questions!

Price: 270€

The connected balance Tailio

The use of new technologies to help and improve the life of cats, has tempted the American, Alex Turner to create Tailio. This innovative object looks like a balance, which is simply enough to slide below the litter of your pet. Thanks to its connected system, it is possible to know in real time the weight of your feline, the frequency of its visits in the space, as well as the cleanliness of the latter. With the application, the master can receive, directly on its smart phone, a specifying notification when his cat needs attention or even a possible medicine to take. Therefore, you can know about any disturbing modifications concerning the health of your pet, in real time, and find solutions to immediately applied.

Price: $199

The last generation connected litter, Litter Robot

For the kitten lovers, do have a small feline at the house, it's great! But it is necessary to admit that it deals with an enormous disadvantage: the chore of the litter. Then, for landing it, the Litter Robot company has created Litter Robot III, the last generation connected litter. This object, in the shape of an egg, is going to save your life and make you save crazy time thanks to its self-cleaning system. In fact, when your pet finishes doing its needs, the system of separation of the sand and the organic waste will start. Waste is poured into a specific drawer, which will be once full of bad smell. Most? You can adjust yourself the moment when the robot sets off.

Price: 450€

Smart feeder, the connected bowl

You are late and leave home in a panic, to get to work just in time. Once having settled to your office, you have the impression of having forgotten something as the bowl of your dog.

Previously, you would have felt guilty or tiptoed correct your error.

Today, thanks to Petnet and Smartfeeder Californian company, this genre of indiscretion is over. Now you can control the feeder in a distance, via your smart phone. Furthermore, the application allows you to parameterize the quantity of poured food, as well as the time when the distribution has to set off.

Price : $ 99

Article written by Clélia Ripoll

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